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Digital Textile Printing: Advertisement with Fashion

Nowadays the demands for printing clothes increase, as the plane clothes are no more favourable of this new generation. The printing on clothes is not happening from two or three years ago this technique came into existence in 5000 BC in Egypt, then the printing was done by manual methods, and the clothes were fabrics, after that this technique of printing undergoes many changes, it was in the 15th century when Mr John Gutenberg invented printing press, that gave new definition to the textile printing, and printing clothes increased simultaneously.  Nowadays there are different types of clothes and printing on them with the hands is not easy. Digital textile printing is the modern technique by which the printing is done by machinery and the printing is very clear and good.

Nowadays most of the people buy clothes on the basis of their look and the type of the cloth, but their preference is always the printing art on the clothes. Digital apparel printing is a firm or group which surveys for the demands of the youths for their clothes and what type of printing the modern world want their clothes. This firm develops important printing styles and the best way to print them, this firm plays an important role in digital printing.

The digital printing is one of the best advertising places, where your advertisement directly meets the customers. Just like if you print your company’s product on a t-shirt the person who will wear this will take your advertisement to everywhere he will be going. The copycat factor always helps you to spread your advertisement, the person with t-shirt printing with your advertisement may make many people to visit you, to have such printed clothes.

The t-shirts make you feel relaxed after a very long busy day at work, the t-shirt makes you fresh, t-shirts make you feel funky, most of the teenagers love to wear t-shirts as they wanna show others that they have a funky swag, the printing on the t-shirts makes them more beautiful, that’s why most of the people buy printed shirts and t-shirts. The digital prints shirts the shirts which make you watch great any special occasion, you can’t go in a bachelor party wearing formal dresses because it is meant to see young, sexy and hot, no one wants to look uncle type there so the printing shirts give that look to you. Their many amazing effects which digital print shirts give you just like on a beach you won’t wear a plain shirt, the printed shirts are more suitable there.

The printing t-shirts are now the symbol of a funky swag, many of us wear it with some printed clothes cap and many more. The printing gives new heights to the selling of t-shirts, the t-shirts with a print of Superman, wrestlers, girls like things, big words and many more things which are in demand for the t-shirts. Slogans on t-shirts are famous nowadays, t-shirts show your beauty too, girls wear them to show their sexy figure and boys wear to show their hard body which they have made by so much hard work. There are different types of printing which can be done on the t-shirts under the printing t-shirts. Let us talk about the two types of printing which mostly done on t-shirts.

Different Types of Printing for T-Shirts:

  • Screen printing: it is the oldest method of printing, in earlier times of printing this was done manually with the time it undergoes many changes and become the fully automated, this method is still the good one to print anything on the clothes, in this method a screen is prepared which contains some special type design, logo, slogan or some celebrity photo, after preparation of screen the screen is pressed on the cloth to print what it contains. By applying a suitable force the screen’s art gets the print on the cloth. This technique has a disadvantage that for every new printing you have to prepared a new screen, which you cost little more, and the company ask the client to pay the amount, don’t be panic it is onetime payment only after that you can print a number of prints on the clothes no issue, the screen stored in a safe place.
  • Heat transfer printing: this method is also a great method of printing, in this method the transparent image is placed on a cloth and a hot press is applied to the image, the image comes on the cloth with a great quality, but this method is not so good as the t-shirts printed in this method cannot survive long, these types of printing leave the clothes and the cloth again become fade.
  • Digital t-shirt printing: this newly made technology boosted the printing industry; it is very good printing technology, in this technology you can print any name, slogan and any photo on the textiles. With this technology you can save time, this printing is far better than screen printing, this provides the on-demand service which cannot provide the screen printing. In this technique, the cloth which is required to print is stretched over a frame and below it, a set of different inkjet settled to print different color on the clothing, this hardly takes time to print a cloth.

nyc digital printingThese were the basic printing techniques which are famous nowadays, all of three are good printing techniques but according to the time and modern world the digital t-shirt printing is the best one as everyone wants a different types of design or photo on their t-shirts, and digital printing press gives out the on-demand printing and in few minutes it can print many clothes. The best thing about this printing is that it is cheaper than other two printings, and as it saves time, it is good for instant printing also. NY Digital Company knows the fashion and the technology both in order to give you best new york graphic tees.