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6 Must have Motocross Gears in 2018

Motocross gears are items that come in use if you are participating in a speed race contests such as car race, bike race and sometimes even in the bicycle race. Motocross accessories are your assurance of better safety so you can focus completely on winning the contest. It has also been seen that these gears have also become a style statement in recent times. A certain section such as MX clothing has been evolved only for the fashion enthusiasts who love bike riding.

In the following section, we are giving a brief description of MX riding gears that you can buy right now:

MX Helmets

This is probably the first pick out of all motocross gears and why not; a helmet plays a vital role in the safety of an MX rider. It keeps a rider safe from head injuries which are the most sensitive part for any human being. A good helmet can be distinguished with its good fit without compromising vision, ventilation, and comfort.

Caution: Never buy a used or damaged motocross helmet. A used MX helmet could have been a part of an accident which is unsafe to face any such circumstance again. So you must always buy a new helmet.

MX Boots

Motocross boots are the second most important MX gear. The MX boots not for the protection but they support the feet too. Moreover, they give protection to your toes, ankles, shins, and calves too. MX boots are not just another rider’s boots. They reduce the chance of strains, twists, burns, and blows. MX shop has a huge variety of stylish and trendy motocross boots to match your style and bike colors.

MX Elbow and Knee Guards

Though I am talking about it now but the elbow and knee guards are equally important as above two MX gears. Elbows and knees are the most common and second among the most injury-prone parts of your body, therefore, it is important to wear them too. There is a great selection of elbow and knee guards available for motocross riders. The MX jerseys and pants are a perfect match as they leave extra room for elbows and knees for your guards. It is important to wear MX clothing with elbow and knee guards as they are made comfortable enough to keep guars out of mind until you need them.

MX Pants

Some people may avoid MX pants but they are made for a reason. A regular pant or short make you injuries prone even if you wear elbow and knee guards. Motocross pants are made with additional safety layers to protect against cuts, burns, rashes, and scrapes that may occur during off-road or from falls and skits. Motocross pants alone can’t protect you from serious injuries so other MX gears are important but they can at least protect you from small injuries as talked above.

MX Jerseys

motocross clothingMotocross jerseys are made of a tough but comfortable material to keep the rider cool. Motocross jerseys have built-in padding into the elbows and shoulders. They are perfectly designed to resist against severe crashes and road rashes. They are padded in such areas that help to protect the skin on your arms, back, chest or stomach. You can find many different designs, colors, and styles of MX jerseys. It’s would be very rare if anyone won’t find something according to their preference and style.

MX Goggles

MX Goggles aren’t just other protecting glares that only protect you from harmful sunlight. They also protect your eyes from dust and debris that could cause threatening injuries while riding especially when driving extremely fast. Clear goggles should be used during the night and tinted for when the sun is strongest. So you must think of buying more than one pair of MX goggles. Buying just any goggles can’t replace motocross goggles which can get rid of glare, fog, rain, haze, mud or wind easily.

I am sure after knowing more about these MX gears you are now ready to make your own MX gears collection. Come to visit our site, we have a wide variety of motocross gears such as motocross boots as well as motocross gears.